New plugin version not shown in wp dashboard

So, you’ve committed your plugin, tagged it, updated the readme.txt and you’re ready to update your installation. You’re reviewing Plugins from your dashboard, hitting F5 every second since, but the new version never shows up, even though you can see the new version in “Other Versions” using the WordPress™ Plugin Directory.

First of all, it may take a couple of minutes for WordPress to update. If you’re sure that’s not the cause, you should check:

  • … the label of the subversion tag you’ve just created
  • … the value of the Stable Tag keyword in the readme.txt, saved in the trunk of your plugin subversion repository
  • … the value of Version in header section found in your plugin

This blog has a more detailed description. And they know how to show it.

I forgot to update the Version value in the header section of my main plugin file, when I was – unexpectedly – making my plugin available through trunk and switched to the tagged approach afterwards.

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